I currently work in the Financial Compliance and Reporting team as the Intern for the TV and Games side of things.

Hi, I'm Yodhin

Cardiff Metropolitan University

I currently work in the Financial Compliance and Reporting team as the Intern for the TV and Games side of things. I wanted to do a placement as it will give me the opportunity to get some very good experience before I graduate and it will give me some clarity about what field of Accounting/Finance I would like to focus on in my career. Warner Bros. is such a huge company and being able to work in the Financial Reporting part of it is interesting. I get to see the processes accountants follow and the kind of schedule they have in order to get accounts ready I time and in the most accurate way possible. This role is perfectly in line with my course in university and I am sure it will help me when it comes to my last year in university. Everyone in my team are really welcoming and helpful, I really cannot wait to meet them all in person and spend more time with them.

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Describe your average working day.

I have 2 managers that I work under (1 for TV and 1 for Games). I get assigned tasks on a weekly/daily basis by both and I try and get it completed as soon as possible for them to review my work and give me feedback on it. My main responsibility would be to assist the accountant in every way possible, this could include doing the VAT returns for specific months, doing dormant companies stat accounts, doing analysis of transactions for tax purposes, etc. I also have another intern in my team who does similar tasks as me but for the Films section of the company, both of us have daily 15-20 mins calls just to catch up with each other and talk about work and non-work related stuff and we find that it is a good way to end our day.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I enjoy how hands on my role is and how much I’m learning in such a short space of time. I have the opportunity to speak with and ask questions to qualified accountants whenever I have any questions and I already know that by the end of my placement I will be way more knowledgeable than I was coming into this.

What’s your favourite WarnerMedia film/TV show/game?

As cliché as it sounds my favorite WarnerMedia movie/show is Harry Potter, really doesn’t get better than that!