The best part is definitely the fact that I get to work with my favourite TV shows and films on a daily basis.

Hi, I'm Olivia

EMEA Theatrical Marketing Intern

I am the EMEA Theatrical Marketing Intern, working within Team Jason and Team Coleman. I wanted to do a Placement in order to gain valuable life lessons, experiences and the opportunity to work in an industry that excites me. I have a big interest in film so it was a no brainer to apply to Warner Bros.! I was curious to find out more of the ‘behind the scenes’. I also realised their placement students are well-valued. I study international business and economics at Aston University which includes a marketing module in first year. I found this module thrilling and managed to excel in it. I was then keen to learn more about the role of marketing within a company, hence I selected the role of EMEA Theatrical marketing. So far at WarnerMedia, I have loved the sense of community between the interns and the support from the entire team. Everyone is keen for you to learn, flourish and they really push for you to get the most out of your placement. Tenet is the first title I worked on and it was extremely exciting to help with its marketing campaign!

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Describe your average working day.

In terms of the structure of my team, we have two pods below theatrical marketing; the upcoming films are distributed between these pods. I am lucky enough to work with another Intern (Cat) who mirrors my job but for different titles. I am very fortunate to have another intern/friend to work through any issues with! My tasks vary day-to-day, however, my main responsibilities include checking ITAP plans, creating either box office or tag-on presentations to present in department meetings, liaising with the national research group regarding questions to ask moviegoers and regularly replying to emails. I often collaborate with Digital marketing, Publicity and EMEA Markets.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

You are constantly kept on your toes with different queries/tasks, so learning is continuous. I also find it really interesting in communicating with the EMEA markets.

What’s your favourite WarnerMedia film/TV show/game?

Wonder Woman