I knew I wanted to do a placement before even knowing which uni I wanted to attend.

Hi, I'm Laurie

European Theatrical Distribution Intern

I am one of two interns in the European Theatrical Distribution department working mainly with Western European markets. I knew I wanted to do a placement before even knowing which uni I wanted to attend. I think it’s a really unique experience to meet lots of great people from across the country as well as gaining skills and experiences that will give me value when hunting for a job after graduation. I have been fascinated by the film industry for a long time, therefore an opportunity to work for one of (or in my biased opinion) the leading company in the field is a total no-brainer. As a student of International Business with Politics, I was really keen to work in a company that transcends borders. In my role specifically I work with more than 20 markets from Germany to South Africa. I am able to see in practical terms what the benefits and challenges of working internationally really are. You can only learn so much in a lecture.
Working from home isn’t easy for anyone, especially starting a new role in that way. However, to WarnerMedia’s testament, they have been fantastic in the process. I have felt as welcomed as possible and my entire team have been friendly, patient and a genuinely good laugh (even if it is just over Teams)!

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Describe your average working day.

The European Theatrical Distribution team consists of 10 of us: 2 interns (of which I am 1), 3 managers, the top dog boss, his PA and then 2 members of the team who work on catalogue titles rather than new releasing content. Each day of the weeks consists of different tasks. From analysing data and creating reports to share that analysis with team to communicating with other markets to help fix any issues or ensure they are updating the appropriate databases on time. As I have previously mentioned I work and communicate with 20+ markets throughout the week for a variety of tasks. I also communicate with the HQ in Burbank for a variety of reasons. The UK is one of the markets I help look after so I also work with other interns in London such as the UK marketing and distribution teams. My main responsibilities are ensuring markets understand what is expected of them and being able to help them where necessary. The analysis tasks I undertake also provide information for the team to make decisions such as when a film should be released etc.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

The thing I enjoy most about my role is communicating and dealing with other people. Although not the best thing to enjoy amidst a pandemic! Nonetheless the emails and teams calls bring different challenges and tasks everyday which keeps me on my virtual toes.

What’s your favourite WarnerMedia film/TV show/game?

My favourite Warner Bros. film/films probably has to be the Ocean’s trilogy (11, 12 and 13).