I am currently here on an 18-month apprenticeship, studying towards an Assistant Accountant Level 3 qualification.

Hi, I’m Arjan 

Finance Apprentice

I am currently here on an 18-month apprenticeship, studying towards an Assistant Accountant Level 3 qualification. I work in the Consumer Products division. Prior to starting my apprenticeship, I was studying towards a Civil Engineering degree at University. Having realised I wasn’t enjoying my course at University during my 2nd year, I decided to look into careers I had a true interest and passion in and came across the Warner Bros. Finance Apprenticeship. I felt the structure of learning whilst working suited me better, and felt it would also help me to develop many personal skills within a workplace environment which isn’t available at University.

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What do you enjoy most about your apprenticeship? 

Working for a company I’ve had such a passion for since I was a kid! 
I already feel I am providing an impact to the rest of my team, and being trusted with tasks that require a lot of responsibilities. My team place trust in me to work independently but its also re-assuring to know that I can turn to them for support. 

What has been your highlight so far? 

How it feels to me that everyone in the company is treated with the same respect regardless of role or hierarchy, this has meant I’ve settled me in so much quicker than I thought I would. On a day to day aspect I think a big highlight is the insider information I get to hear about such as new films/projects within Warner Bros before the general public.  

What advice would you give to people thinking of doing an apprenticeship? 

Weigh up the positives and negatives of doing an Apprenticeship vs University and realise which form of learning suits you best 
Never think it’s too late to change your career path… If you’re not truly enjoying what you are doing then don’t be afraid to take a risk!